Zillow Group

Multiple Websites With Speed

I have made three different websites for Zillow Group. Two have been internal hubs for their Sales Teams to have all of the available marketing materials in an intuitive website for download and distribution. The other website that I have created for Zillow was an external site that they used as a training course website for new clients.

Zillow uses me as a contractor to build out these websites because I can work with them much faster and more efficiently than their internal teams ever could. Being able to turn around a website in a few weeks was tremendously useful to them, when their own teams wouldn't be able to "get around to it" until later that year!

Since these websites are either internal and/or password protected, I can't give you a link to them, but I can show you a couple screenshots below!

Andrea Riggs

Andrea Riggs

Trade Marketing Director

Zack is by far the best web designer I've ever hired, and one of the best overall talents with whom I've ever worked. He listens to his clients' needs and easily translates them into actions & solutions. He sets realistic goals, budgets and timelines. Zack has made every deadline and he's exceeded expectations across the board.


I completely trust Zack to interact with other team members -- he is personable and empathetic to his clients' needs and asks great questions that keep the project on track. The proof is in the results... websites that are beautiful, user-friendly, functional and easily maintained. I highly recommend Zack!