Web Dev Process + FAQs

I have an established 5 phase process that gives repeatable success again and again!

Phase ONE: Discovery

  • We will meet (either in person or virtually) to figure out the goals for the site 
  • Through this process, we will figure out the Sitemap, and general page content
  • We will talk about the aesthetic that you are going for and use comparable sites or mood boards to ensure we are on the same page

Phase One concludes after we have this meeting and we both agree on the direction of the site.

Phase TWO: Design and Development

In Phase Two of your project, we will provide an outline of the website content needed to assist you in the process of collecting that content we will need to create your new website. 

  • Based on the information you provide in the Discovery phase and other assets you supply, we will start to develop the site using a design concept that has been created to effectively reach your target audience
  • Your customized WordPress website is built and functionality is added. 

Phase Two concludes when we complete the website and submit it to you for revisions.

Phase THREE: Revisions

You review the website for design and content and create a list of revisions that need to be made. 

  • Revisions are minor updates and changes to existing content.
  • Revisions do not include new functionality you want to add to the project or to previously approved items

Phase Three concludes when you approve the requested revisions and the final payment is received.

Phase FOUR: Launch

Time for congratulations. We made it. We will publish your website so that it is viewable on your domain name for the world to see!

Phase FIVE: Post Launch

In the final phase, this is where anything that wasn’t caught before launch will be fixed.

  • Phase Five lasts for 30 days after launch.
  • Included in this 30 days is the Basic care plan to make sure your site is running smoothly


I work with all sorts of businesses. The majority of our clients are small to medium sized businesses. Most already have a site that needs to be revamped, but I've done many sites starting from scratch as well.