Home Strategy Pro

Website Redesign / Custom PDF / Drone / Headshot

I worked with Ben Moss to get his website up to snuff for his new business. Ben started with a Squarespace site, but quickly realized that it wasn't going to cut it. There were a ton of places we could improve it, from online booking, to site design, to user flow, to the actual product itself, a Home Strategy Session consultation.

One of the key things we did with Home Strategy Pro was create a custom PDF that was auto generated and pre-filled out based on the information gave at time of booking an appointment. This PDF is the main deliverable after the consultation with HSP, so it had to be on point! Ben's clients were no longer trying to scribble down the insights from the consultation - now Ben could deliver a PDF that summarized the consultation after writing in his notes and research!

The last piece that really makes Home Strategy Pro shine were the on-location drone videography and headshots that we took. Both of them really tie the website together and showcase the business.

Check out the before and after of the About page. The transformation is stunning!

The PDF that we created for Ben's Home Strategy Sessions was crucial to his business. It is now his physical product that he gives to his clients after the Session. It is the single tangible piece that they keep from their interaction, so we had to make sure that it was perfect!

Home Strategy Session