The Ninja Passport


The Ninja Passport’s website has a lot of components and moving parts that make this website come to life. We had to come up with solutions for each aspect of the company’s vision for their product – a membership passport (digital coupon book) for American Ninja Warrior gyms.

Their vision for the site is a one stop shop for the ninja community – the digital passport, competition events calendar, ninja gym directory, online store, forums, a leaderboard, and a blog. It has it all!

We worked with Susan and Andy to build their website from the ground up. We had to dig into each aspect of the company and figure out all of the pieces of the website. First was the gym directory aspect. They didn’t have a product if the gyms weren’t onboard, so we created a custom front end membership directory for the gyms to sign up and create/edit their gym pages.

The other big piece was having the users be able to check into these gyms and redeem the coupons for free open gym admissions and such. For this, we designed the UI and then worked with our go-to plugin developer to develop a custom plugin that integrated with the user membership plugin. This allows the users to redeem their passport coupons and earn points for the leaderboard.

This project really is a showcase of being able to combine all aspects of a complex online business into one website and make it cohesive and work together.