The Ebbin Group

Squarespace to Wordpress

The Ebbin Group used Squarespace for their real estate business for years. In the beginning it worked to be able to get a website up fast that didn’t look half bad. But over the years they realized that they had outgrown Squarespace and were looking for some more “power under the hood” so to speak.

One of the biggest things I did for TEG when we rebuilt their website was dealing with a repetitive actions like posting new listings where you want consistency and speed. You want to be able to fill in the information and have it populate a beautiful custom template for that home. But we still wanted to have a way for it to be custom too! When I built their new site I took this in to account and built a template for their properties that had customizable sections in the middle of it where TEG could add customized sections for more luxurious homes.

Another thing that we wanted to do with the redesign was increase the level of luxury across the board. We took a simplified approach on the fonts with thin sans serif fonts and a slightly serifed accent font to bring elegance to the type. I custom skinned Google maps for the properties and created a custom gold gradient to use across the site for little accents of glimmer. And to top it off, I added some nice fading of objects as you scroll around the site.

Scroll me! 😉

The project was a complete success – bringing luxury to the design while also making the administration of the properties and such a breeze!