Startup Whisperer

Starting From Scratch

Matt at Startup Whisperer reached out to have me create a website for his brand. He ran a blog on TypePad for a long time and has become an influential voice in the startup world. With bigger plans than his blog for the future, he wanted to start building his online presence.

I worked with Matt to build a website, basically from the ground up. All he had was a logo and all his blog posts. Using that as a base, I created a tech forward website where Matt could showcase his expertise as well as help others learn. I also created a section that Matt can share links to podcasts that he has been a guest on.

A unique feature we created for his site is a quiz to give a startup their Insight Score. It is a short quiz to see a startup’s ability to capture trends and leverage existing market advantages. Each question has a point value associated with it, and at the end, a score is calculated. I then created a gauge graphic like a speedometer that points at where you score in the range, and remembers your score if you come back at a later date.

We have some changes planned for the future as well, so subscribe to his notification list in the footer of his site if you want to keep up!