I worked with Mothershed Design Company, to create this modern and stunning website for Mitaka. They came to Mothershed Design Company with a brand that lacked cohesion. They worked together to come up with a brand that fit their culture and high-end surgical products. After their brand was updated, it was time to show the world the new Mitaka through their website!

The new design for Mitaka’s website is a stark contrast from what it used to be. The old site felt outdated the second you opened the homepage, and didn’t get much better from there as you went deeper. Capitalizing on this new branding and using high end photography of the products, we were able to showcase them in a whole new light!

The main goal of the site is to show off their amazing instruments and get surgeons to schedule a demonstration through a heavy use of CTAs on each page.

Check out this before and after. The transformation is incredible.

I always love working with Mothershed Design Company. They do great work and make my job easy by providing superb branding and assets!