Hawaii Sands Realty

Modernize Website + Highlight Managed Property Portfolio

As you have probably seen in my portfolio, I have background in real estate marketing – so it was a natural fit for me to help Hawaii Sands take their website to the next level. I took over Hawaii Sands Realty’s site and we made a plan to tackle some of the things that their last web company hadn’t.

The first was modernizing their portfolio. I created a way for them to fill in the property information in the backend of the site, and have that populate a new template that I created on the front end of the site. This allowed us a lot of flexibility! For one, we can update the look of all the property pages by editing a single template. This will be a life saver when we want to make any changes! It also made it so we could make a connection between the property and the agent tied that property – which enabled us to show the agent that managed the property directly on the page. Lastly, we can now filter their For Rent and For Sale properties by # of beds, baths, property type, etc

The next big piece of their site that we tackled was some new content for SEO. They were actually ranking quite well for a few long tail location/real estate specific searches. They wanted to capitalize on that by creating more of these location specific pages. Again, I created a way for them to fill out a form on the backend for every location, and this would populate a template on the front end. The daunting task of creating a new page for all of these locations was dramatically simplified by just having them enter the info and having the page automatically created. I even created a clickable map for users to be able to navigate these newly created locations!

Lastly, we modernized the agent pages themselves. When agents were sending people to their site, they wanted the ability to showcase the properties that they manage. So after updating the look, we utilized that connection feature from before to now show all of the properties that that agent manages right on their page.

The new property template for Hawaii Sands really showcases the beauty of properties in Oahu! It’s both modern and functional.

Scroll me! 😉

I love doing real estate related websites. I know the industry, tips, tricks, and what people are looking for. If you’re in need of a site related to the real estate industry (residential, commercial, mortgage, title, rentals, property management) I have experience doing websites for all of those! Reach out and let’s chat 😎