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I should be featured on Toptal because I work with my clients to build a website that truly enhances their business!

A recent example of this is a website I did for The Ninja Passport. I worked with the owners to bring their vision to life. This vision was a complex website that included a directory of ninja gyms, where the gyms could sign up for an account, and make their profile on the site by filling out the fields and uploading their info (like Yelp but specially for ninja gyms). Other items that were integrated were an events calendar for competitions, a custom plugin to check into these gyms, a forum, blog, and ecommerce membership to access the special deals they offer!

By integrating all of the items those owners needed, we were able to create a business that has started to take off for them!

This is just one example of working at my own company, PYLE/DIGITAL, has helped a client organize their dream into something actionable and making it happen. I have done this with numerous other clients. I’m fast at what I do. I’m hard working. I communicate often. I get things done!

I would love to talk with you guys more to figure out how I can help you help more clients.

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